Freeciv servers around the world

HostPortVersionPatchesStatePlayersMessageLast UpdatePlayers AvailableHuman Players map0s40 wrapped map citymindistance 32m40 tiny islands custom ruleset (/read conf_tinyisland_fc)30s40 islands custom ruleset (/read conf_island_fc)1m40 settings7s50 settings1m41
linuxiuvat.de55563.0.6nonePregame6restarting for lack of players32s60
test.cazfi.net55573.0.10+240209See's server / multiplayer (Game #1292)2m00
test.cazfi.net55593.1.2+240706See's server / multiplayer (Game #1297)43s00
test.cazfi.net55603.1.2+240706See's server / civ2civ3 (Game #1294)1m60

Latest stable release is 3.1.2.

Start your freeciv-server with the -m option if you want it listed here.